What The Beatles Mean to Me

Her favorite band is the group of old, British men from the sixties…

What were there names again?

Which ones are alive?


The Beatles have always been an important aspect to my personal identity. At the top of the list of “Who Are You” questions, a Beatles fan is always included. I learned to love their music, matching haircuts and suits (Shea Stadium and Budokan), Sgt. Pepper suits, quirky photo-shoots, and style before I ever heard of what “marijuana” was.

When my mother learned that my fascination was not a phase, but a deep-rooted passion and love, she informed me that the Beatles were notorious for dissing Jesus Christ and being addicted to substances. However, that didn’t change how I felt. For a very long time, I have stood with my Liverpudlian men, knowing that they had substantial negative connotations, but with no hatred or distrust in them. There is a reasoning behind that.

To me, my Fab Four are not the drugs they did, the infidelities, arguments at Abbey Road, or controversy. They were, and remain, long hours in the studio, brotherhood, rock and roll legends, inventive musicians, and lovers of peace. When I think of them, I reflect upon the time that they dedicated to making people laugh and love a little more. While yes, it is difficult to rule out the vice that the drugs and power of fame had on my boys, it is also how I think that they would like to be remembered– with a peace sign to Ringo, a hand hold to John, a coy smile to George, and a kiss blown to Paul.

With these ideals in mind, I want the reader to realize that the Beatles always wanted happiness. They ached for the world to find contentment with each day. Organic depictions, tranquil lyricism, soothing instrumentation, and strong intentions fueled them throughout their life, in the Beatles and beyond. These rock and roll icons also just wanted to find peace within themselves, then further to the world. With such a large ambition at hand, they were able to plant the seed and nudge their listeners in the direction of love for all.

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