Beginner Glam Makeup Tutorial

After watching hours of YouTube makeup tutorials, it’s easy to gain a false sense of confidence. However, who said that makeup has to be so hard? As an impatient woman, I have created an easy makeup tutorial with products that have proven foolproof. The 25 minutes dedicated to this look will last all day, with no loss of pigmentation!

  1. Clean off the face using soap and water or a makeup wipe. While this isn’t the most fun step, it’s crucial in ensuring that the makeup that will sit on that mug all day will look fresh, and importantly adhere.
  2. Next, grab a wet (beauty) sponge, brush, or fingers to paint on liquid concealer. For my face, I typically use L’Oreal Paris’ True Match in the color “Soft Ivory.” Quickly dab a thin, even layer over the entire face, eyelids included. Make sure not to just stop at the jawline, but to also cover some, or all, of the neck too. (This ensures that the makeup looks natural and cohesive).
  3. After the layer seems to have fully dried, grab powdered foundation and a trusty brush. Rimmel London’s Stay Matte formula is by far the best powder I have used for oily skin. It has a “shine control” aspect to it that not only reduces faux highlights, but also makes sure that the oil around the nose and cheekbones doesn’t seep through to the surface of the makeup.
  4. Once the foundation has been set, it’s truly up to the “artist,” I use that term very lightly, to decide what aspect to indulge in first (lips or eyes). Personally, I go for the brows, then work myself down to the lips as the grand finale. (If you’re a rebel and want to go from the bottom up, feel free to work your way backwards from step 9.)
  5. In the NYC Individual Eyes 938 Union Square pallet, go for the second color, which is a breathtaking, sparkly brown. Use an eyeshadow brush, or a finger, to lightly draw within the shape of the brow. (Most people use brow pencils or fancy pomades to get their eyebrows on fleek. However, that is time consuming, requires skill at drawing an eyebrow and is expensive-ish.) With that in mind, one should not attempt to overdraw their eyebrow or people may question why there is eyeshadow far above the eyelid…Before moving on, make sure that your eyebrows aren’t so dark that they make you look like our poor friend, here. 
  6. Now, for the eyelids. Smear the third color, the light brown, all over the eyelid. For the crease, use the same color as we did for the eyebrows, the enchanting brown. Throw some of the fourth color, pale nude, in the corner of the eyelid and directly under the eyebrows for emphasis. Check in the mirror to make sure that it looks…OH GOD. Make sure to use the eyeshadow brush to lightly mix the colors together so it doesn’t look like a three year old with her mom’s makeup.
  7. Pull at the far corner of the eye, creating a squint, and wipe on an Amy Winehouse style eyeliner line.Revlon Colorstay Skinny Liquid Liner creates a smooth and non-crunchy black line that has wings that could cut a man. No really. In order to get that crucial winged line, start at the middle of the corner of the eye, and angle the line towards the edge of the eyebrow. Hopefully, this will create a semi-symmetrical line on both sides. If one wing looks like a perfect angle and the other swoops, don’t fret…That’s what makeup remover and a q-tip is best used for. Just wipe off the worser of the two and try again. 
  8. Mascara, mascara. An easy, yet understated ally. Cake the top and bottom lashes with some Maybelline Lash Sensational and call it a day. Drop the jaw and trust that you won’t squint at the wand or smear black makeup all over your freshly painted mug.
  9. Now, for my absolute favorite part, lipstick! This year, while binge-watching YouTubers Rhett and Link, I discovered the best lipstick formula in the market. Maybelline SuperStay 24 Hour Lipcolor truly lives up to its name. On one end of the contraption, there is a lipgloss that goes on first. (Keep in mind that this stuff is serious business and will stain the face, so be extremely careful not to overdraw too much…Even makeup remover can’t save you from a fresh coat of this stuff.) The gloss dries matte, so the lips will feel a bit mucky and strange at first. Flip over the device and proceed to use the color-sealing chapstick that will make the lips feel a bit more smooth. For a bubblegum pink look that doesn’t stand out too much, the color “Blush On,” does the trick.

No blush, no contour, no highlighter, no nonsense. That’s for a more advanced beauty guru that actually practices their makeup for fun.

BONUS ROUND: Instead of falling asleep at my mirror, I like to watch Bo Burnham’s comedy show or watch drag queens do stand up. That makes the whole process seem much less dreary, and keeps me interested in not looking like a train wreck.

Here is the final look!

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