About Me

My name is Hailey McKinney and I am a Sophomore at Drake University. My studies include a double major in Writing and Digital Media Production, with a concentration in Women and Gender Studies. I know, that’s a mouthful.

Growing up in Des Moines, I was never exposed to “citylife.” I went to a public school and my neighbors were all spitting distance from my own yard. However, I never had the ability to indulge in food carts, large festivals, or subway systems. Instead of feeling trapped in the Midwest, I do by basking in the little joys of Des Moines. Throughout my lonely and unchallenging high school experience, I spent hours singing with my favorite indie bands at Wooly’s, performing spoken word poetry at Java Joes, eating papusas at the downtown farmer’s market, and exploring different bridges. These experiences and safe places gave me hope. Perhaps there were other hipster-y individuals roaming around the Des Moines area.


From that point on, I pondered what profession could I have that would bring me an equal amount of sanctity and excitement. It wasn’t until I had a tear-filled conversation with my mom and brother, that I finally decided where I belonged. I craved the ability to be in an environment where I can always learn something new or meet thought-provoking comrades. A hunger that could only be satisfied by studying for a PhD and becoming a professor of English/Writing.

With that in mind, I had to set my senioritis far to the side, so that I could keep my eyes, and grades, on the overall goal of becoming a professor. During my first semester at Drake, I was placed on the Dean’s List. My never-ending second semester earned me a spot on the President’s List. Grades are no easy feat for me. I do take great pride in my intellect and ability to focus on my studies.

When I’m not refreshing my grades or talking about school, I enjoy playing PS4 and listening to my favorite Indie bands through a speaker. (Yes, I definitely sing as loud as the music, tone deaf or not.) I also watch endless amounts of Rupaul’s Drag Race and comedic YouTubers. I hate movies and love studying metaphysics (crystals, oracle cards, auras).

On one hand, I am an organizational nerd. On the other, I am a silly hippie trying to make each day worthwhile.